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Individualized. Comprehensive. Preventive.

Welcome to Schwartz & Tung MDs! We are an innovative Internal Medicine practice where patients always come first and you will never feel like a number. After many years of traditional practice, we became increasingly frustrated by the changes in medicine and the resulting difficulties in delivering the highest quality of care. We believed there was a better way to care for our patients where we could have more time with each patient and focus more on prevention, education and discussion. In March 2009, we transitioned our practice into a highly personalized, membership based, “concierge style” practice which has been extremely well received.


As a patient in our practice, you will enjoy the benefits of a very close relationship with your primary care physician and feel like you have a medical home. By carefully limiting the number of patients in our practice to a small fraction of an average traditional primary care practice, we offer our patients the following:


*An annual executive wellness physical- complete with extensive blood work, noninvasive testing including EKG, pulmonary function tests, memory assessment, etc. and a complete hands-on physical exam.


*Appointments that start on time.


*Routine appointments scheduled for 30 minutes per visit.


*Same day or next business day appointments for urgent care issues that arise.


*Secure email messaging to physicians and staff.


*Your physician’s personal cell phone number for after hours urgencies and emergencies.


*Urgent care visits for friends or family members who may be visiting from out of town and find themselves with a medical need.


* Care given without a separate membership for children ages 15-26 living in the same household


If you would like further information to see if our practice may be right for you, please call the office at 702.737.8657.

Our office location:

7395 South Pecos Road

Suite 102

Las Vegas, NV 89120

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