Coronavirus information


Dear Patients,

We wanted to let you know we have been closely monitoring, reading about and following the COVID 19/Coronavirus situation and intend to advise and protect each and everyone of you to the best of our ability while still offering you our personalized internal medicine services.

As of today, we want to reassure you that there are still very few cases in Nevada, but based on what we know about viral transmission that number will increase in days, weeks and months ahead even with all of the precautions advised including social distancing.

We will currently still be open our regular business hours, but we request the following:

  1. PLEASE call us first if you have any respiratory symptoms, cold symptoms,  or fever to speak to our medical assistants and doctors before scheduling an appointment or coming into our office. We are currently working on obtaining the proper personal protection equipment needed by our staff to care for suspected patients with COVID. Currently, we DO NOT have test kits. Until then, these symptoms will be best evaluated and triaged based on telephone or video chat visits and if needed, we will direct you to an appropriate facility. 

  1. If you are immunocompromised, have chronic medical conditions, or are of advanced age and are scheduled for a routine visit, you are welcome to reschedule these visits as telephone or video chat visits, or move them to a later date as we encourage you to stay home as much as possible. Healthy patients can come at this time for appointments but also have the option to request a telemedicine visit if preferred.

  1. We encourage you to keep your annual wellness exam (yearly physical)  appointments at this time if you are not a high risk patient for complications from Coronavirus. If you happen to be at high risk, we encourage you to reschedule this for sometime after May 2020 since we don’t anticipate the situation improving until at least then.

  1. For urgent care or active medical problems, we will still be offering the same ability to see you the same day or the next business day.

  1. If you have a lab appointment, Quest has not notified us of any change in hours or staffing so you are still welcome to use our lab if you have an appointment for labs that should not wait for several months to be drawn. We ask you to call our office before coming for a lab draw if you have ANY respiratory, cold symptoms or fever.

We will continue to monitor the situation and we may be changing our procedures as more information unfolds, so stay tuned, stay safe, but do not panic.


Drs. Schwartz and Tung